Why G K F T I I

G K F T I I is Above Competition

GKFTII has vast infrastructure and professional shooting studios at its disposal which only government FTII or SRFTII can flaunt. However these schools have very limited seats and cannot cater for the enormous requirement of the industry.

T-Series has its production offices at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore to name a few. No other media school can compete on this account as well.

A carefully designed syllabus and a well implemented course program is one of its salient features. There is no miscalculation between training curriculum and the industry requirement.

Though most private schools put on display great deal of equipment in their website but in reality they are starved of proper equipment or at best they are obsolete, second or third generation equipment.

Most media schools don't have proper teaching staff. T-Series have introduced and nurtured many talents in the film and television industry. Many of them are doyens and living legends in their own way. Many such gems have been picked up to groom the budding talents.

T-Series has its own production company making innumerable films & television productions throughout the year. Deserving alumni will be guided to be absorbed in the in house productions. No film school can claim such facility.

Most private schools grossly underestimate the requirement of the industry standards. There is a void between the media industry requirement and the media school curriculum. This is regarding both curriculum and technical infrastructure. T-Series is industry by itself and there is no dearth of material and talent.

Keeping with the fast pace ever changing technology is a challenge. While most schools have remained stagnant unable to keep the pace, at GKFTII it's the order of the day.

Progressive looking economy in India has brought in a media windfall in the country. There is vast requirement of trained, knowledgeable and efficient manpower. At GKFTII we have strong resolution and conviction to fulfill this void in the industry.

Most private school alumni are under qualified for the technology driven industry after completion and failure rate is substantially high. Here at GKFTII there is a right proportion of knowledge, demonstration and practical in the studio-classroom beside full scale productions in line of the media industry.

Film training is most expensive next to aviation. Flying cannot be taught only on classroom black-board. In the same way film media training can be taught only through real shootings. However it is expensive. Proper course structure and brilliant innovative idea and strict discipline have made this endeavor successful and very cost effective.

It's the right time to be in the field if you are appropriately qualified.