One Year Integrated Post Graduate Diploma in Television Journalism (For graduate students only)

Duration :   1 Year Diploma courses

Television journalism is comparatively new in comparison to the other stream in the media. A television reporter is expected to perform multi-tasking at ease without any frown. He is expected to be technically qualified and has aesthetic sense in abundance. Multi-tasking is the order of the day as reporters have to report from far-fetched remote areas, at times even far away from civilization. It is a gruelling task with challenges of different hues and shades. Television has changed the text book rules of reporting. Covering the event with smaller cameras, editing then and there and immediately up linking it to the satellite from the ground zerois often done by a skeleton team of one or two personnel. Editing on laptop and a briefcase sized equipment linked to the satellite has brought the remote corners of the world to the bedroom. CNN specially changed the equation. In India the private channels have totally changed the ball game. Personnel are well paid but the smaller reporting team is expected to do quick reporting which is quite demanding. Reporter has to be presentable with good voice, be eloquent and must possess a vast in-depth knowledge of various subjects to do significant reporting. His training includes component of acting and presentation; camera techniques; editing knowledge; last but not the least, production and program making besides writing.