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Screenplay writing

Courses Type :   3 Months Certification courses

Idea is the soul of cinema and the television programs. A good idea brings life to the cinema. The director succeeds in reaching the audience only when he has a good idea with novelty value. A good film has a powerful ‘Oneliner’ theme. However this thematic content needs to be developed in order to make it convincing to the invisible audience. All feelings, emotions, actions, thrills and the entire experience of the audience has to be within short course of the visual narration. Essentially it’s the screenplay writer who visualizes the whole idea content and becomes an interface between the seed that is the idea and the final film on the screen, the full grown tree which the audience gets to see. Writing for print, writing for stage play and writing for the screen are different ball game. Screenplay is developed in accordance with technical requirement of the other departments to make the film an entire wholesome audio visual treat.

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