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Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India

Message from Dean

Dear Student,

It is my pleasure to greet the budding young talents to the dream world of creative aspirations. No other profession can give such unfathomable satisfaction and fulfillment than the Film and Television media.

In its early days, cinema was rich man's passion and was for elite classes only. It was irony that the actors, especially the females in the profession were not considered virtuous and very often looked down upon. However things are not so anymore. Media has proved itself to be respectable and a large source of employment in the country. About a quarter century back it was only the Bombay film industry which absorbed people with creative aspirations. Madras film industry had its marginal presence though it was not pan India. Recently Hyderabad has risen to become a major source of competition for the well established Mumbai film industry. Earlier the national television channel limited itself to terrestrial transmissions, catering only for major cities. With the liberal government policy, the satellite television invasion by private channels has changed the scenario totally. In eighties the Tollygunj film industry of Calcutta was trying hard to prevent itself from drowning. It has returned back to life and is fast recuperating.

All thanks to the digital technology that has reduced the cost of filming drastically. Earlier the major share was eaten up by the celluloid raw stock. Cost of required paraphernalia associated with cine cameras was prohibitively high. This forced producers to use outdated equipment and compromise with the quality. Very often masses turned away from cinema halls and the business went down. Today the business is looking up once again. High definition digital technology has been a boon to all regional film industries besides the television channels. Good creative cinema has come back again.

There is no dearth of young talents in the country. Younger men and women have broken the glass ceiling with new innovative ideas defying the stale formula. The audience is receiving their films well. Multiplexes too have contributed a great deal by providing good ambience.

There are many people more talented than those most famous names. Nevertheless most of them did not enter the arena for fear of rejection. None of the stars and successful technical personnel were born with hallow behind their head. They were just like you, me or anyone else. The exceptional factor was that they possessed dogged determination, perseverance and tenacity in abundance. Here at GKFTII, each one of you will get an opportunity to sharpen your acumen and discover your talent and yourself.

My prayers and good wishes are always there for you to be successful in your chosen field and fulfill your dreams.


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